Internet of Things (IOT)

This is a series of tutorial for Internet of Things(IOT). We have added tutorial from very basic to advance for IOT. ESP8266 on Node MCU tutorials are added in this category.

Thingspeak set up and basics

Robo India explains basics of ThingSpeak in this tutorial.

Weather Station on ESP8266 using LUA

Robo India presents tutorial to make an online weather station using ESP8266 WiFi module and LUA platform.

Home Automation using ESP8266 on LUA

Robo India presents tutorial on how make HTTP server of ESP8266 wifi module in both station and access point mode. This server is being used to automatic control of LEDs. This tutorial can be implemented to automate home or industry.

NodeMCU Amica Installation - ESP8266 Based Development Board

Robo India presents tutorial on how to install NodeMCU Amica, ESP8266 wifi module based development board.

ESP8266 Connecting to Internet

Robo India presents tutorial on connecting ESP8266 wifi module to internet.

Wifi weather data uploading on ThingSpeak using DHT11 and ESP8266

This tutorial of Robo India explains how to store weather data of DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor on cloud ( using wifi modem ESP82666.

ADC on Wifi module ESP8266 using LUA

This tutorial of Robo India explains how to use analog to digital conversion (ADC) of ESP8266 wifi module.

ESP8266 Wiif Module Setup

Robo India presents tutorial how to setup ESP8266 wifi module. Hardware configuration to run ESP 8266 wifi module is explained in this tutorial.

Introduction to GSM GPRS A6 modem

This tutorial of Robo India introduces A6 GSM and GPRS modem.

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