Logic Level Converter

Robo India presents tutorial how to use logic level converter. While interfacing with sensor or other electronic device logic level converter is required, if one device works on 5V and other on 3.3V and both have to communicate than this logic level converter will be required between them.

Detailed Tutorial

1. Introduction:

A logic level converter is a mediator so that two devices can communicate which works on different voltage level.



For example ESP8266 Wifi modules works on 3.3 Voltage level thus it will communicate on 3.3V level on RX an TX but a if micro controller is to be attached with this module that works on 5V level thus this micro controller will communicate on 5V level in RX and TX. So this logic level converter will be required between both of them.

2. Connection for logic level converter

The following four connection will be required.


2. Connection for logic levels

Following connection will be  needed to made. It not necessary to use all four logic level, You may use 1,2,3 or 4 at a time. Robo India's Logic Level Converter can convert maximum 4 logic at a time.


Logic will be converted in the following manner. Each logic has its corresponding high / low logic level.


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