Raspberry Pi Wedge B+ assembly Guide

Robo India explains how to use how to connect Raspberry Pi Wedge B+ to Raspberry Pi.

Detailed Tutorial

1. Introduction:

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Raspberry Pi Wedge B+ by ROBO INDIA. It takes out GPIO pins to breadboard for easy to work with Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi Wedge B+ also adds some decoupling capacitors on the power supply line. It makes even easier to work - You can directly plug FTDI module.

Raspberry Pi Wedge B+ is compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, or RPi2 and Pi3 models, it adapts the GPIO header on the RPi to a standard solderless breadboard, such as small, medium, large or extra large breadboards.

2. Pin configuration


3. Connecting FTDI basic programmer to Pi Wedge B+


3. Fixing Pi Wedge B+ to breadboard


4. Connecting 40 Pin GPIO Ribbon to Raspberry Pi


This is connection tutorial of Raspberry Pi Wedge.

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