Wifi weather data uploading on ThingSpeak using DHT11 and ESP8266

This tutorial of Robo India explains how to store weather data of DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor on cloud ( using wifi modem ESP82666.

Detailed Tutorial

1. Introduction:

This tutorial explains how to log weather data on cloud. is to be used as cloud service provider and sensor DHT11 will be used to measure temperature and humidity data.

2. Prerequisites:

You can use following tutorial of Robo India for reference, these are to be used in this tutorial.

1. ESP8266 Connecting to Internet

2. LCD on ESP8266 using LUA

3. DHT11 Temperature & Humidity sensor on ESP8266 using LUA

4. Thingspeak set up and basics

3. Circuit / Connections:

make following connections -


4. Setup your account

5. Programming

Download source code from here.

After downloading source code extract the zip file. Open config.lua file and save it after entering following  -

1. Your Wifi SSID ( wifi AP Name )

2. Your wifi security Key

3. Your ThingSpeak write API key

4. Your I2C LCD backpack Address.

6. Running the code:

Upload all five files to ESP8266 and reset ESP8266. If ESP8266 got connected to internet than it will upload sensor data in every 25 seconds to ThingSpaek server. 

On successful upload you will see message on LCD of uploading done. If you are connected to ESPlorer and if you see any positive number as shown in the following image it means your data has been uploaded. This positive number is record number for last entry.


Project in action




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