Configuring Zigbee

This tutorial of Robo India introduces Zigbee and its configuration.

Detailed Tutorial

1. General Introduction (Zigbee):

Zigbee is a wireless communication module which use IEEE 802.15.4 standard. 802.15.4 is a IEEE standard for low power applications of radio frequency. It used in many products for wireless communication functionality. It can be used as a transmitter and receiver both. It used serial communication to send and receive data. It have two series, series1 and series 2.

In our project we would be using series 2 or series 2B as it is easily available and have many advanced features over series1.

2. Requirements

2.1 Hardware requirements

1. Pair of Zigbee (You may buy it from here)


2. Zigbee Adapter from Robo India (You may buy it from here)


3. FTDI Basic breakout board (You may buy it from here)


Hardware setup-


2.2 Software requirements

1. X-CTU software from Digi.


3. Configuration of Zigbee (X-bee)

Step by step illustration is given below -


Mount Zigbee on Adapter As shown in Photograph and connect it to FTDI Adapter followed by connection to the Computer using USB Cable.

Your hardware setup for configuring the zigbee is complete.


Find the COM Port on which the FTDI is connected in device manager

For me here as shown in picture is COM 10



Open XCTU Software previously Downloaded and click on Discover Devices.



In the resulting Dialog Box select the COM Port Previously Identified by you and click next.


Now set the Port Parameters as Shown as shown and click on add selected device



You will see the following screen



By Clicking on the selected Radio Module XCTU will start reading the module settings.


Now we are ready to update the Configuration of our zigbee. We have got a pair of Zigbee. One will be configured as the Coordinator and the other will be configured as the Router.


Configuring Zigbee as Coordinator

Select the Update Option from the GUI of XCTU.


 In the resulting dialog Box Select Zigbee Coordinator API and the latest firmware then click on Update.

Now your Zigbee will updated with the Coordinator Firmware.

Note: - Please select only API not AT option because in following tutorial when we will be using Xbee Library of Arduino It will work with only API mode.

Configuring Zigbee as Router

With your next Zigbee attached to XCTU software select the Update option followed by selecting Zigbee Router API firmware and click on update.



Once you have configured One Zigbee as Coordinator and another as Router you need to perform following addition to the settings.

Make sure that he API Enabled is 2.

Baudrate is 9600.

Operating Pan ID for both Coordinator and Router is same.

Note Down the address for the Zigbee Module.




Now Your Zigbee is fully configured to be connected with arduino and send interesting data of various sensor through it.

In next tutorial we will learn to use the Arduino and Zigbee as Coordinator or receiver.


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